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Cheat Sheet: How to Fill in Your Macro Gaps

Cheat Sheet: How to Fill in Your Macro Gaps

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Ever find yourself behind on one or more of your macro targets – and you’re not sure what to eat? We’re guessing this typically happens at night when you discover you have more room left from the day – and, yikes, bedtime is right around the corner! Or, if you practice meal planning and meal prepping, this might also happen when you’re pre-logging your food for the day ahead.

So, what do you do? We always recommend that you get yourself as close to your targets as possible. Try not to leave those gaps open! This will help you stay consistent with your nutrition and continue progressing towards your transformation goals. To help you out, we’ve compiled our free list of foods to help you fill in the gaps, no matter if you’re short on:

  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fats
  • Protein & Carbs
  • Protein & Fats
  • Carbs & Fats 
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